About Us

Benchmark Oils Ltd was founded by Maggie Tisserand as a vehicle through which to have research conducted into the antimicrobial properties of essential oils.

Research grants and loans enabled a prolonged period of research to take place with the primary focus of seeing which oil/oils would kill or inhibit the growth of MRSA bacteria and other pathogens.  Good results were observed with a variety of essential oils but the best results were obtained with Benchmark thyme - a blend of thyme oils created for Maggie.

About Maggie

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Maggie was one of the first authors on the subject of aromatherapy when Thorsons (Harper Collins) published ‘Aromatherapy for Women’ in 1985. The book has sold in excess of 700,000 copies and Maggie has authored or co-authored five other books on the subject of aromatherapy/essential oils.

The Japanese publication of ‘Aromatherapy for Women’ was the stepping stone for Maggie and her Japanese agents to introduce aromatherapy to the Japanese market and Maggie was (in 1989) the first speaker on the subject. Maggie has returned many times to Japan lecturing in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

Aromatherapy has been a passion of Maggie’s since the late 1970s and meeting the growers and distillers of aromatic plants, in many parts of the world, has been a joy and an education, with ‘aromatic travel’ generally taking the place of an annual holiday.

In 2004 Maggie came across internet articles on the emerging problem of MRSA within UK hospitals and began investigating the possibility that essential oils might be capable of killing bacteria. Maggie's book - Aromatherapy vs MRSA, published by Jessica Kingsley/Hachette - looks at the problem of MRSA in various parts of the world.

Benchmark team

Maggie Tisserand; Martin Beer

Directors - Maggie Tisserand; Martin Beer


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